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Golf Swing Aids for Beginners | Golf Training Supplies

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Looking to improve your golf game and become more consistent? This Golf Practice Warm-Up Stick will increase your strength, flexibility and create a perfect tempo that will give you more distance and consistency. 

Tempo is one of the most important keys to a golf swing that will have you striking the ball like a pro.  This golf swing stick will be a huge asset to have in your bag as you warm up before each round or at the range. Not only will it help you find the right tempo, it will put you on the right plane to put you in the correct position at impact. 

For those over 30 this is the best tool to loosen up those tight muscles and lubricate all of your joints to help you swing loose and relaxed so you can smash the ball down the fairway.

You can use this in your strength training to help your golf muscles, use it at home to get the perfect muscle memory for your next round or like me you can pull it out before every round to quickly loosen muscles and get that tempo locked in to improve your game. Get this in your bag today!


  • Best for beginners to straight their line
  • Easy to practice with
  • Simpler to use


  • Type: Swing Trainer
  • Brand Name: Balight